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Dolphins release Kircus, Roberson

The competition at wide receiver just got a little clearer.  The Dolphins today announced that they have waived WR David Kircus, as well as CB Chris Roberson.

Kircus was the standout from the opening preseason game.  However, that clearly wasn't enough for him to make it even to the 3rd preseason game.  Now, guys like Davone Bess, Anthony Armstrong, and Jayson Foster will get more opportunities, both in practice and in the 2 remaining preseason games, to show what they can do.

As for Roberson, he was likely camp fodder all along.  I think the battle for those last couple of CB roster spots will come down to Joey Thomas, Nate Jones, and Will Billingsley, with Billingsley being the odd man out there.

Thoughts on these two moves?

Hat tip to "Dolfan 13 99 54" for pointing this out in this FanPost.