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53-man Roster Bubble Watch

As you can see, I've changed the title of this up a little bit.  And I've done that because I think that it's getting impossible to create a legitimate depth chart due to the versatility of some players and how things might change depending on the situation during a game.  So rather than do a depth chart, this will simply be a list by position of how I currently see the 53-man roster breaking down (as far as players currently on the roster).

Also note that some players, like Matt Roth, will be listed at the position they are listed under on the Dolphins' official roster on their website.  So Roth will be listed as a defensive end though we all know he's going to see snaps at outside linebacker this year.

So to see the roster breakdown, you'll have to make the jump...

Chad Pennington Ricky Williams Boomer Grigsby Ted Ginn Anthony Fasano Jake Long
Chad Henne Ronnie Brown Derek Hagan David Martin Justin Smiley
John Beck Jalen Parmele Ernest Wilford Sean Ryan Samson Satele
Josh McCown Patrick Cobbs Davone Bess Donald Thomas
Greg Camarillo Vernon Carey
Ike Ndukwe
Trey Darilek
Shawn Murphy
Matt Spanos
Vonnie Holliday Channing Crowder Will Allen Yeremiah Bell Dan Carpenter
Jason Ferguson Akin Ayodele Andre Goodman Jason Allen Brandon Fields
Kendall Langford Joey Porter Michael Lehan Chris Crocker John Denney
Phillip Merling Charlie Anderson Nate Jones Keith Davis
Matt Roth Reggie Torbor Joey Thomas
Randy Starks Quentin Moses
Paul Soliai Edmond Miles
Rod Wright

Last 5 On:  Josh McCown/John Beck, Patrick Cobbs, Edmond Miles, Paul Soliai, Rod Wright
First 5 Off:  Renaldo Hill, David Kircus, Rob Ninkovich, Jayson Foster, Anthony Armstrong
Next 5 Off:  Chris Roberson, Lex Hilliard, Reagan Mauia, Titus Brown, Junior Glymph

Just to clarify, I know I have both Beck and McCown listed under "last 5 on."  Really, though, only one of them should be there.  And the one that should be listed there is the one that is currently "4th" in the mind of the staff.  But, of course, we have no way to know because neither has been getting opportunities to play.

With that said, some might be surprised to see that I do have this team keeping 4 QBs.  I don't think it's the smart thing to do, personally, because it takes a roster spot away from a player who can perform multiple roles.  Right now, I think the 4th QB spot is keeping Renaldo Hill off the team even though Hill can perform multiple duties - safety, emergency corner incase of injuries, and a special teams contributor.  But if this team is going to keep 4 QBs, then I don't think they can afford to keep 5 safeties.

Some might also be surprised that I currently have Edmond Miles making the 53-man squad.  But when you run a 3-4 defense, you need to have a good amount of linebackers on the roster just incase injuries hit.  And with the way Joey Porter and Charlie Anderson have been slowed already just in the preseason, it's clear that keeping 7 "true" linebackers - that doesn't include Roth - is probably the way to go for this team.  You could make a case for Rob Ninkobich, Junior Glymph, or Titus Brown for that spot, though.  The deciding factor, in my mind, was special teams - where Miles is probably better than the others.

You'll also see that I've moved Rod Wright to the 53-man roster.  I think with the conversion of Matt Roth to linebacker, that freed up a spot for a full-time defensive lineman to get involved in the defensive line rotation.  Wright hasn't been great, but has had his moments at times this preseason.  His versatility to play DE in a 3-4 or DT when the team uses 4 down lineman is what I think will keep him on the roster - at least for now.

And at WR, you'll notice that I've left off Kircus and put back in Camarillo.  Both are very similar players, with Kircus having more speed but Camarillo perhaps being a little bit better of a route runner.  I think that, in the end, Kircus' legal issues (I believe he has a court date during the season) will prevent him from making this team - as long as Camarillo doesn't suddenly forget how to catch.  Foster and Armstrong are likely playing for a practice squad spot and, to be honest, Foster really hasn't done anything to impress me.  Armstrong, on the other hand, has started asserting himself in practice - even catching the attention of Tony Sparano.  I get a feeling he's going to earn a PS spot.

That's all for now.  Your thoughts on how the roster might break down come September?

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