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Quick Hits: Merling at OLB?

Just wanted to post a couple of things that took place today:

This comes from the Dolphins' official website:

Roth has been working at outside linebacker for the last two weeks and started their against the Jaguars last week, while rookie defensive end Philip Merling got a little taste of what it's like to drop into pass coverage this afternoon early in the afternoon practice.

Now I wouldn't read too much into this...yet.  Sure, Bill Parcells did convert DeMarcus from a college DE to an OLB in Dallas.  But Ware is far more athletic than Merling.  In fact, when I posed this question to two separate people who cover Clemson football for a living, they both told me that Merling is not athletic enough to play outside linebacker in the NFL.  So I'll trust them.

But what this does tell me, though, is that the coaches could be a little bit worried about their current depth at outside linebacker.  Joey Porter can't seem to shake these nagging injuries (though he did practice today) and Charlie Anderson continues to sit out of practice with a hamstring injury.  Perhaps if the Dolphins knew what they know now - about how quickly Kendall Langford would be ready to make an impact at DE - they may have decided to take Quentin Groves over Merling at pick #32 back in April.  But as always, hindsight is 20/20.

The Dolphins finally got back to Joe Horn's agent today.  And they reportedly told him they are not interested in Horn's services...for right now:

The Dolphins have not ruled Horn out for down the road should one of their current crop of pass-catchers go down with an injury. But the team clearly isn't viewing Horn as a guy to carry on the roster ahead of the group of guys they currently have.

This confirms pretty much what you've been reading here that the Dolphins are starting to feel better about their young crop of receivers as those players have gotten more familiar with the offense and the quarterbacks and the speed of the game.

This is basically what many of us thought.  Right now, it doesn't make sense for the Dolphins to bring aboard a 36 year old receiver who has clearly lost a step or two.  Not to mention he likes to run his mouth a little bit too much.

And I'll admit that I'm personally excited to see some of these young receivers.  For some reason, I have a feeling growing in my gut that Ted Ginn is on the verge of becoming a very good receiver.  Maybe it won't be this year - though improvement is certain - but I just can't help but get excited over what he might become.

I'm also anxious to see what Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo could potentially turn into.  Remember, I called it all along that Bess would be on this 53-man roster.  And I get the feeling he's going to really open up some eyes this year.

So no, Joe Horn wouldn't have made any sense for this team and I'm glad the Dolphins realized this as well - though I bet if Horn was a "Parcells guy," he'd be on a plane to Miami by now.

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