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Saturday to be first "big day" for the QBs

Incase you missed it, later today will be the first real chance to judge all three quarterbacks prior to the first preseason, which is in exactly a week.  Later on today in Davie (at 2 pm), the Dolphins will take part in what the coaches are calling "game-simulated drills" - basically a mini-scrimmage.  The coaches will dictate the situations (down and distance, red zone, time remaining).  The key thing here is that each quarterback will have a chance to work with the first team offense against the first team defense.

Many figure that John Beck has the most to ground to make up and that today's scrimmage could be the way to do it.  John knows that he isn't throwing as well as he did in the offseason.  Says Beck:

"It's tough. When I came in, I wanted things to be perfect. I wanted to throw all touchdowns and no interceptions, but it doesn't always work that way.''

"It's tough because there's certain situations in practice when you only get limited reps. You feel like you want to make the best of that rep, but sometimes the best of that rep is just checking it down."

But the Herald's Jeff Darlington writes that Beck knows he can perform better than he has:

With the preseason looming, Beck said he knows he's capable of playing more consistently -- something he showed coaches during the spring and the summer. And the coaches know, too. That's likely part of the reason why they've occasionally berated Beck for some of his misfires.

Darlington also writes that rookie Chad Henne could be every bit as involved in the competition to start as both Beck and Josh McCown are.  He's reportedly been steadily improving each day, despite having "his first mediocre workout in the past 3 days" on Friday, according to Darlington.

And apparently, the coaching staff is taking notice.  Writes Jeff:

Over the past three days, coaches have gotten in the ears of veteran quarterbacks Josh McCown and John Beck, vocalizing their belief that rookie Chad Henne has rapidly moved into the mix as a serious contender in this competition.

And that's why this "scrimmage" later on today will be interesting.  Despite everything that has gone on with the QBs already after just a week, a strong showing by any of the 3 quarterbacks could easily vault that player into the lead in this open least until the next key date: August 9 versus Tampa Bay.