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Quick Ronnie Brown Update

I guess Ronnie's thumb injury isn't that serious.  From the Palm Beach Post:

"I think I just fell on it. Just precautionary stuff," Brown said of the soft cast he wore while watching the second half from the sideline.

Brown, whose carries have been limited during the exhibition season as he returns from knee surgery, injured his thumb late in the first quarter and went into the locker room for several minutes.

He emerged just before halftime with a large ice pack wrapped around his right hand, and after halftime he sported the cast. Brown said the cast wasn't necessary.

Asked if he could have returned for the second half had it been a regular-season game, he replied, "Ain't no question."

Good news, for sure.

With practice closed to the media and the public now, we won't really know how much contact Ronnie participates in at practice.  So we'll have to just trust what the coaches and players tell us.  It'll be interesting to see how much Brown plays next week.