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Dolphins Win 19-14: Some Quick Thoughts

Well, in a game that really wasn't as close as the final score indicates, the Dolphins have picked up their first win of 2008.  Sure, it doesn't really count, but it still feels damn good.  Below are some quick thoughts on the game.  More to come tomorrow on this one.

  • First of all, Ronnie Brown did hurt his thumb.  We don't know how serious it is.  All we know is what the Palm Beach Post has told us:

    Brown disappeared for several minutes into the Dolphins’ locker room, and eventually emerged at the end of the half with a giant ice pack wrapped around his right hand.

    Now it’s the start of the third quarter, and Brown is wearing what appears to be a hard cast. He’s standing next to Ricky Williams and wearing that big smile, so it doesn’t look like he’s too concerned about the injury.

  • We scored a touchdown!!!!!  That's right, the offense actually looked like an actual NFL offense.  They moved the ball with Chad Pennington behind center.  Pennington ended 5/6 for 55 yards.  And it just seemed like the offense was sharper with him under center - even getting in and out of the huddles with "a purpose" - if you know what I mean.
  • Ricky Williams looked very good.  Got off to a slow start, but really picked it up.
  • Ted Ginn does exist!!  Solid game from him, and it's encouraging to see he and Pennington creating some chemistry together.
  • The 1st team defense is really take shape.  I'd like to see some more pressure on the QB, but there seems to be dramatic improvement from last year.
  • The reserve defense worries me.  There really isn't much depth behind the starters, is there?
  • Dan Carpenter is showing us why we all shouldn't worry about him.  He went 4/4 on FGs, including a 46-yard and 44-yard FG.  His kick-offs aren't too shabby, either.  He had five kick-offs tonight, with 2 reaching the endzone and the others landing inside the 3 yard line.
  • Too many penalties.  7 tonight, which is 2 less than last week - so I guess that's improvement.
  • Cleo Lemon still sucks.  At least now, he sucks for another team!  Good riddance!

That's all for now.  Be sure to tell us your take on the game.  Be back tomorrow night with more.