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Rumble Down in Davie

So a reader of this site (and a guy who I know is very trustworthy) was at this morning practice and had a great view of what occurred leading up to and during the brawl this morning.  Here's what he's tells me happened, in his own words, from his vantage point in the 2nd or 3rd row of the stands:

About 5 plays before this fight broke out, Kircus was running scout and did a kick out block on an off tackle run and drove Will Allen on to his butt.  But the play was more or less over and both Kircus and Allen were out of bounds.   More cat fighting was going on.  Then on deep fade route they were pushing and shoving all the way down the field.  John Beck threw a perfect pass over Allen and Kircus stuck out has hand (of which it hit) but he was more interested in Allen and the pushing and fighting between the two.  

After it hit his hand (play over), Allen hit Kircus and sent him to the ground.  While on the ground, Allen started throwing some punches at his back (no it wasn't at his chin - as some media reports indicate).  As Will Allen stood up to walk back, he met Sean Ryan, who ran down the field when he first saw Allen take a punch and Sean just leveled Will Allen.  Just then Joey Porter took off after Sean Ryan and then about 40 players went over there to break it up.

So there you have it.  Allen was basically just ticked off that Kircus took him out on a block a few plays earlier.

This same person also told me something that the media has been failing to report.  Both John Beck and Josh McCown have been working on the scout team, running Jacksinville's plays against our 1st and 2nd team defenses.  Basically, the coaches hold up a card that has the play they are supposed to run written on it, and the players run it without ever having run it before.  So it's even more impressive when McCown or Beck create a big play because a) they are working against the 1st team defense more often than not; and b) they are running plays that they've never run before.

Anyways, one of the things that this tells me is that the Dolphins are indeed game-planning for the game against the Jaguars on Saturday.  So they damn sure well better look a little better out there than they did last week.