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Thursday Morning Practice Reports: Dolphins Rumble

Sadly, today is the last day of these practice reports, as the following practices will be closed to fans and media.  But the ultimate highlight of the day was a big-time fight that broke out, which you can read about below:

Highlights include:

-Seems to be a lighter practice
-Brandon Fields, along with Dan Carpenter, is practicing onside kicks
-Vonnie Holliday not practicing with team, but is moving well doing during agility drills
-A fight breaks out at camp, with Will Allen on top of David Kircus, "wildly throwing punches"
-Pennington and Henne both throw interceptions during team drills
-After practice, Tony Sparano keeps pretty much everyone who was on the team last year on the field for an extra little talk

This was the real talk of practice today, so let's talk more about it.  It's being reported that the fight started when Will Allen, who was covering David Kircus, threw a cheap-shot elbow at Kircus' chin.  The pass went out of bounds.  Allen then jumped on Kircus and began throwing punches.  Kircus didn't fight back.  The report goes on to say:

Then all heck broke loose as offensive players came to Kircus' rescue. Penalty flags were being thrown and coach's whistles were tweeting but to no avail as a 40-second brawl ensued.

It appeared as if the player who jumped in was TE Sean Ryan, but that's not definite because there were too many players on top of the pile. This was not your typical training camp fight when boys will be boys. There was anger and cheap shots being thrown. Fortunately, practice continued and Allen and Kircus were matched up against each other several more times without incident.

My thoughts?  I like the fire.  Nobody got hurt.  And I like how the offense defended the offense and the defense defended the defense.  The fact that Allen and Kircus were lined up together later in practice without incident tells me this is over.