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Dolphins to shop Beck and McCown

As if we didn't already know this, the Miami Herald is reporting that the Dolphins will indeed shop both John Beck and Josh McCown to see what they could get for either of them:

Former Tennessee Titans general manager Floyd Reese, now with ESPN, said the notion of the Dolphins keeping four quarterbacks is ''unrealistic and outrageous'' and believes they will get only a late-round pick for Josh McCown or John Beck, if that. ''I wouldn't think they would have much value,'' he said. Miami reportedly will gauge trade interest in both but is on the hook for McCown's $2.5 million signing bonus if he is traded or cut.

This really isn't surprising, to be honest.  It's pretty much well-known that the Dolphins really aren't going to keep 4 quarterbacks on the roster heading into the season.

Also, don't think that McCown won't be the odd-man out here just because the Dolphins would have to eat his signing bonus.  McCown is scheduled to make $6.25 million over the next 2 years.  So cutting McCown, despite having to pay for a player no longer with the team, still saves the Dolphins cash.

However, there will likely be more interest in John Beck than in Josh McCown.  Beck is younger and, at least in my view, is more of an unknown quantity with upside.  And a team could very well take a look at Beck might be the Dallas Cowboys.  There are some rumors that they are interested, and it would make a lot of sense.  Beck has a similar style to Tony Romo and the Cowboys need a backup quarterback who isn't like 100 years old (Brad Johnson is their current backup).

The question now becomes if the Dolphins can actually get anything of value in return for either of these two quarterbacks if this is indeed the route the Dolphins want to take.