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Tuesday Morning Practice Reports

Two practices today for the team.  The first one has recently concluded.

Highlights include:

-Vonnie Holliday, Joey Porter, Charlie Anderson, and Michael Lehan not practicing
-Ricky is "slow to get up" on one play, and he walks off very "gingerly" - seems like an ankle (but does return a little later)
-Chad Pennington and Chad Henne get basically all the work today while McCown and Beck look on
-David Kircus suffers only drop of the day
-Dan Carpenter goes 3 for 3 on FGs today - all over 40 yards

Highlights include:

-Rod Wright making a push to make this team - as he was the "hardest player to block"
-Sparano flipped out at the 1st team OL, replacing them all with the 2nd team.  When the 1st team went back out, the holes were reportedly bigger
-Channing Crowder "was everywhere"
-When Ricky returned from missing a few plays with a tweaked ankle, he was still "running hard" - good to see he's fine