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Monday Morning Practice Reports

Only one practice today, as things get really interesting entering week 3 of training camp.

Highlights include:

-Chad Pennington and Chad Henne getting most of the team reps and both seem to have good days
-Joey Porter, Charlie Anderson, and Vonnie Holliday not practicing
-Matt Roth still working as OLB
-Ernest Wilford drops a pass during WR drills with nobody covering
-Pennington throws an INT during one-on-one drills and then another during 11-on-11
-Ted Ginn getting more involved in the offense, which is a good sign
-11-on-11 redzone drills: Pennington throws a TD and an INT; Beck throws a TD
-Final QB stats: Pennington 13/21, 1 or 2 TDs and 1 INT; Henne 9/15, 1 INT; Beck 1/1, 1 TD; McCown 1/3

Highlights include:

-Pennington's performance was called "the best I'd seen all camp" by Omar Kelly
-Pennington Showed great accuracy and anticipation
-Henne was "hot and cold as usual"
-Davone Bess has been moved up the depth chart, working in the slot with the first team