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Friday Afternoon Practice Reports

Another practice on the lighter side.  Perhaps they are getting ready for a more demanding session tomorrow during their scrimmage.

Highlights include:

-11-on-11 red-zone drills: Henne 0/1 with a sack and no TD; McCown: 1/1 with a sack and no TD; Beck 2/3 with a sack and no TD
-2 minute drill for Henne w/ 1:35 on clock and from own 40: goes 3/4 with a sack, no points-Same drill for McCown: 0/1 with 2 sacks
-Beck had "a better showing" while Henne "looked a bit erratic"
-Offensive line seems to be struggling protecting the QB
-Vonnie Holliday continues his stand-out play

More to come later...