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Don't expect the Dolphins to sign Carter any time soon

At today's press conference in between the 2 practices, Tony Sparano was asked about how Quincy Carter's workout went yesterday.  Sparano's response was this:

It was fine.  I mean, it was just a tryout.  And that's where it was...He looked fine.  He threw the ball well.  Did some things that way.  But he looked fine.

Uh, yeah.  That doesn't exactly sound like a ringing endorsement, does it?  And if you watch Sparano's press conference over on, you'll notice that he seemed rather unenthusiastic about Carter's workout, and came across quite dismissive.

Maybe it was just me, but I almost got the feeling that Sparano didn't even want to waste any time watching Quincy work out.  So perhaps this just was a promise that Bill Parcells made to a troubled person about giving him a look if/when he gets his life back together.  So maybe Carter has gotten his life back together so Parcells was just following through with his end of the deal.

I don't know.  That's just the feeling I get.  Regardless, don't expect Carter to be a Dolphin any time soon.  Thank goodness!