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Weekend Roundup

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  But now it's back to work.  And while you're slacking off at work, catch up on what you might have missed this weekend:

As we get closer and closer to training camp, it's part of human nature to feel optimistic about your team's chances in the upcoming season.  And even though Miami is coming off their worst season in franchise history, there are some Dolphin fans who have their sights set on a .500 season.

No, I personally am not that optimistic.  But apparently CBS lead analyst Phil Simms has also been drinking the proverbial "kool-aid."  Barry Jackson writes:

Count CBS lead analyst Phil Simms among those who believe it's conceivable the Dolphins could go from 1-15 to 9-7 -- as Bill Parcells did when he took over a 1-15 Jets team. ''If I don't see a big jump from John Beck, I'll be a little disappointed,'' Simms said. "The answer at quarterback is there. My first reaction is Chad Henne has the highest ceiling of the three.''

This is interesting for a couple of reasons.  First off, Simms knows football.  Like him or hate him, he's one of the few analyst whose opinions I do trust.  Last season, he pegged 3 teams as potential surprise teams - Browns, Jaguars, and Rams.  Two out of three isn't too bad.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, Simms knows Bill Parcells very well.  So he knows what these players are likely going through and will be going through once camp gets underway.  Simms also has experience in being in a situation like John Beck is currently in.  Simms, like Beck, wasn't drafted by the "Parcells regime" and struggled early on in his career before Parcells got to New York - and even for a little bit after Bill arrived.  But he eventually turned it around.  Simms finally reached his potential and the rest is history - a Super Bowl MVP.

It's also encouraging to hear that Phil likes both of our young quarterbacks.  By saying he'd be disappointed if Beck didn't improve greatly, he's basically saying that he believes John Beck can be a good player.  Then by saying Chad Henne has the "highest ceiling," he's saying that he believes Henne can be even better than Beck.  So if he thinks John can be a good player, but says that Chad even has more potential than John, it's safe to say that Simms likes the direction we are going at QB.

Unless you've been living under a rock recently, you obviously know that rumors now abound from various sources that claim Brett Favre is starting to "get that itch" - no, not jock itch - but "that itch" to unretire and play football again.

But why am I talking about this on a Dolphins site?  For two reasons.  The first reason is that some people, such as Adam Schefter, are throwing around the Dolphins as a team that might have interest in Favre's services if he was to unretire and Green Bay decided to trade him.  But much like the Palm Beach Post's Greg Stoda says, I believe it would be a big mistake for the Dolphins to pursue Brett Favre.

Is Favre a great quarterback?  Of course (though I think he's a tad overrated).  But he just doesn't make sense for the Dolphins at this point in time.  Three or four years ago?  Sure, I'd be all for him.  Now?  It's a bad idea.

The media circus around Favre would be nothing but a distraction to this team of young players.  And that's just it: young players.  This is a team that is rebuilding.  It's a team undergoing a youth movement.  They need to figure out what they have in their young QBs.  Is John Beck the player I think he is?  Can Chad Henne become the team's franchise QB?  Beginning to get those questions answered is far more important than bringing in Brett Favre.

Perhaps even more importantly, though, is that this is a franchise that basically pushed Dan Marino into retirement (thanks JJ).  Why bring a player like Favre who is at that same point in his career (the decline) to Miami now at this point in time?  It makes no sense and would be a slap in Danny Marino's face.

But the other interesting storyline about this potential Favrie return has to do with Jason Taylor.  ProFootballTalk brings up a good point that should be monitored.  If Favre was to return to Green Bay and play in 2008, would this make them more likely to trade for Jason Taylor?  And would it make Taylor more likely to agree to a trade to Green Bay and even commit to GB for 2 seasons?  Perhaps with Favre back, the Packers would offer up a conditional 3rd round pick for JT's services in order to make one final push to get Brett his 2nd Super Bowl before riding out into the sunset.

Unlikely?  Probably.  But it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

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As always, leave your thoughts below...