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Thursday Practice Reports

Note: We apologize for the slow loading at times today.  The MLB trade deadline is bringing many more hits than usual to the SBN network and causing some server issues.  Please just be patient.  Thanks!

Only one practice today.  Below will be the various reports from today's session:

Highlights include:

-Donald Thomas still playing with 1st team at RG
-In RB/TE passing drills against LBs and safeties, Beck goes 4/10, McCown 5/8, Henne 6/10
-All 3 QBs have their moments today in terms of making nice throws
-Brandon Fields seems to be a beast - punting the ball 45 to 65 yards in the air each time, including one that traveled 75 yards in the air
-Offensive line having issues protecting the QB against some different blitzes
-Both Beck and Henne throw TDs in redzone drill
-Final 11-on-11s are down-and-distance specific: Beck goes 0/4 (w/ 1 drop), Henne 4/4 (with one sack), McCown 2/4
-Derek Hagan is continuing his impressive play

Highlights include:

-John Beck had a "tough day"
-Shawn Murphy struggled a bit
-Chad Henne "had a pretty productive practice"
-Derek Hagan "most impressive and productive receiver"
-Vonnie Holliday "looks like a beast right now"
-Jay Feely was 2 of 3, while Dan Carpenter was 1 of 3 on FG attempts
-Davone Bess was "efficient" in team drills

Highlights include:

-Tony Sparano keeping things intense
-Ernest Wilford having trouble getting open - that or Will Allen is a great corner
-Reagan Mauia could get cut "any day now" - I guess he's struggling a bit
-Joey Porter is "blowing people up"
-Chad Henne throws two TD passes in redzone drills