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CONFIRMED: Carter to work out for Dolphins


I refused to believe these rumors yesterday, but now Tony Sparano has confirmed the rumors.  The Dolphins will be working out former Cowboys and Jets QB (and former drug addict) Quincy Carter on Thursday.  Says Sparano:

"Quincy is here and we will have a workout with Quincy. This is just a workout. That’s all it is. It’s a look-see. … Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells will do their due diligence on every player that’s out there, whatever way we can help our football team down the road."

What I'm hoping here is that this is just Bill Parcells doing an old friend a favor.  Perhaps Bill, who likes to help improve people's lives, promised Quincy a work-out if he could get clean and keep his life in order.  So since Carter has successfully rehabbed, Parcells is keeping his end of the deal and will work out Carter.

That's what I hope.

Another theory being floated out there is that this is just a move to light a fire under the current QBs' butts.  But wouldn't a better way to do that be by putting out rumors that they are interested in Brett Favre; not by working out a former crack head?

Just one more thought about this, too.  It could be that the Dolphins are just looking to add a 4th arm to the team to help cut down on the number of throws that the 3 current QBs have to make.  Because, really, when was the last time the Dolphins had just 3 QBs in camp to start?  Most teams have at least 4, and as many as 5.  So this could also be an explanation as to why Miami is working out Carter.

All I know is if Quincy Carter becomes a Miami Dolphin, I might need to be held back from the ledge...