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Depth Chart Bubble Watch

One of the fun parts about training camp is watching and trying to predict how the depth chart will shake out.  Sure, it's hard to nail the 53-man roster man for man.  But it's entertaining to attempt to do and provides some good food for thought.

With that in mind, I now present the "depth chart bubble watch."  Much like how the "experts" of NCAA basketball attempt to predict the 65 teams that will make the NCAA Tournament, this will be a weekly feature in which I attempt to predict our final depth chart - at least, based on what players are currently in camp.  Of course, we should also expect our roster to change as this front office attempts to "look under every rock" to find players who could upgrade the overall depth of the team.

So below is my predicted 53-man roster in depth chart form, including a list on the bottom of the final 5 players on the roster and the first 5 players off of the roster - basically those who are barely hanging on and those who are currently just missing out.  My hope is to update this next week prior to our first preseason game and then each week following a preseason game.

Due to the size of the full depth chart, you'll have to make the jump.

1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team
QB Josh McCown John Beck Chad Henne
HB Ronnie Brown Ricky Williams Jalen Parmele
FB Reagan Mauia Boomer Grigsby
WR Ted Ginn Greg Camarillo Davone Bess
WR Ernest Wilford Derek Hagan
TE Anthony Fasano Justin Peelle Sean Ryan
LT Jake Long
LG Justin Smiley Shawn Murphy
C Samson Satele Steve McKinney
RG Donald Thomas Ike Ndukwe
RT Vernon Carey Trey Darilek
1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team
DE Vonnie Holliday Phillip Merling Kendall Langford
NT Jason Ferguson Paul Soliai
DE Matt Roth Randy Starks
OLB Charlie Anderson Quentin Moses
ILB Akin Ayodele Reggie Torbor
ILB Channing Crowder Junior Glymph
OLB Joey Porter Rob Ninkovich
CB Will Allen Nate Jones Joey Thomas
CB Andre Goodman Travis Daniels
FS Jason Allen Chris Crocker Renaldo Hill
SS Yeremiah Bell Keith Davis
1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team
K Jay Feely
P Brandon Fields
LS John Denney

PUP: Michael Lehan
Last 5 On: Davone Bess, Travis Daniels, Sean Ryan, Junior Glymph, Joey Thomas
First 5 Off: David Kircus, David Martin, Jayson Foster, Patrick Cobbs, Rod Wright
Next 5 Off: Lionel Dotson, Anthony Toribio, Lex Hilliard, Daren Heerspink, Keith Saunders

First of all, I just want to specify that until Lehan practices fully without restrictions, I'm going to just put him on the side as a PUP list candidate.  But when he does return (whenever that is), Joey Thomas needs to be concerned, as he is last on my "last 5 on" list.

Moving on, you'll notice plenty of "practice squad eligible" players are listed in the "first 5 off" and "next 5 off" lists.  The above depth chart is just for the 53 man roster, and considering how difficult it is to predict who safely makes it to the practice squad, I won't even try to predict that.  Remember, any player the Dolphins attempt to stash on the practice squad can be stolen by another team.  However, that player has to make the 53 man roster of that team that claims him.

So what are your thoughts on all this?  Am I way off right now?  Am I fairly accurate?  Who would your "last 5 on" and "first 5 off" be?

Thoughts below...