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REPORT: Dolphins to sign Terry Glenn

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram is reporting that the Dolphins are expected to sign WR Terry Glenn in the coming days.

Glenn, recently released by the Cowboys due to a dispute on an injury waiver, will be reunited with Bill Parcells, among others, in Miami.

I'll be very curious about two things here.  First of all, what will the contract that Glenn signs with Miami look like?  And two, how will Glenn be used?  He's a very similar player to Ted Ginn.  It'll be good for Ginn's development to have a vet like Glenn around.  But I'm not so sure that I like the idea of a player like Glenn (who likely won't be around too long due to age/injuries) coming to Miami.  Is he an upgrade?  Sure.  He certainly adds depth.  But will he still be around when this team is finally contenders?  Probably not.

This also makes some fan favorite underdogs like Davone Bess, Jayson Foster, and Greg Camarillo less likely to make the 53 man squad. 

So do you all like the move?  Are you in favor of Terry Glenn becoming a Miami Dolphin?