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Could Sparano name a starting QB prior to the preseason?

Prior to today's practice session, which is going on right now as I type, Tony Sparano met with the media.  One of the things discussed, naturally, was the quarterback situation.

And after a few days of practice, Sparano doesn't believe that any QB has a leg up in the battle to be a starting QB.  He said:

"I don't see anybody ahead of anybody right now when I watch what I'm seeing out there."

Sure, many practice reports indicate that Josh McCown has looked better than both John Beck and Chad Henne so far.  But Sparano must realize it's early and some QBs might be a little rusty after taking some time off between the end of OTAs and the beginning of training camp.

However, the Palm Beach Post does offer up this interesting nugget:

But Sparano said he would like to see the three-man competition shake out as soon as possible, and definitely not drag on into the schedule of pre-season games, which begin Aug. 9 against Tampa Bay at Dolphin Stadium.

"I think that player needs to be behind the offensive line," Sparano said. "He needs to start to find chemistry with whoever the receivers will be. If he was head and shoulders above everyone else it would be clear to us and we would start moving in that direction."

Could the Dolphins actually name a starting QB before any of the three see "real live game action" in the preseason?  I guess it's possible.  But is it wise? 

Earlier this offseason, we heard that the timetable to name a starter was by the 3rd preseason game.  That seems much more logical to me, allowing that player (whoever it may be) get 3 quarters of playing time with the starters in that 3rd game.  To name a QB before any of them get snaps in the preseason seems a little hasty, doesn't it?

Any thoughts on this?