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Dolphins sign Henne; make some roster moves; and PM practice reports

Well, first of all, (as many know already) the Dolphins finally signed Chad Henne to a 4 year deal worth a reported $3.5 million.  So Henne missed just one practice, which isn't really a big deal.

The Dolphins also made a few other moves.  They waived tackles Dan Gore and Julius Wilson as well as WR Justin Wynn.  They signed WR Anthony Armstrong (an Arena League standout) and guard Reuben Riley.  Riley spent all of 2007 on Carolina's practice squad.  He graduated from Michigan in 2007, so both Henne and Jake Long must know him well.

Now for some practice reports from the afternoon session of day one:

-Joey Porter and Michael Lehan both out of practice again tonight
-Steve McKinney also didn't practice
-Ronnie continues to impress with where he is physically, making catches out if the backfield and making cuts
-Ricky Williams looks "awesome"
-Beck looks "fine" while Henne looks "rusty"
-Davone Bess "has vacuums for hands"

-Beck was the odd-man out in the team portion of practice.  Tomorrow, McCown will be the odd-man out while Beck and Henne get the team reps

So that's all for tonight.  Tomorrow, the Dolphins have one practice, which begins at 2 pm eastern.  Like I said earlier, I'll be at a wedding so this is likely the last post for me until Monday afternoon (seriously, who has a wedding during training camp).  It'll be up to you all to keep this place lively with some FanPosts and some comments.