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Morning Practice Reports

So it has begun!!  Just waking up today felt different; it felt like football was to be played today.  Man that's a great feeling!

Real quick, though, I got one programming note.  For the rest of the day today, all day tomorrow, and half of Monday, posts from me will slow.  I have a wedding tomorrow afternoon/night, meaning that tonight is the rehearsal/dinner.  And I won't be back from the wedding until Monday afternoon.  So it'll be up to you guys to post any updates.  I hope to check in from my phone and promote FanPosts and FanShots to the front page often.  But there will be a lack of front-page posts from me for the next 48 hours or so.

So real quick, I just wanted to highlight some of the practice reports from the South Florida media.

Highlights include:

-Ronnie Brown looking great
-Davone Bess "catches everything"
-Josh McCown missing on short throws
-Trey Darilek the starting guard opposite of Smiley
-Crowder and Ayodele starting ILB

Highlights include:

-Joey Porter sitting out of practice; Reggie Torbor taking his spot
-Charlie Anderson taking Jason Taylor's old starting spot for now
-Starting corners are Will Allen and Andre Goodman; Michael Lehan not participating

-Highlights include:

-Anthony Fasano working some with 1st team offense
-Former Packers' GM Ron Wolf shadowing Bill Parcells around practice field

There really hasn't been much said about the quarterbacks yet.

Also, you can head over to and watch a short video with some practice highlights.  A few things that jumped out at me during the video:

-Ronnie Brown doesn't have any noticeable limp anymore.  In fact, Ronnie looks downright quick
-John Beck looks bigger - all that lifting paid off
-A lot of focus on the RBs - perhaps a little foreshadowing?

Anyways, second practice begins at 5 pm today.