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Training Camp Prediction: The QB Battle

It's here!!!

Training camp officially gets underway today in Davie, with the first practice scheduled for 9 am and the second one for 5 pm. And, of course, I'll be sure to post links up as time allows to the various practice reports that the local papers will be sure to write. Also, if anyone out there is going to any of these practices, feel free to share your observations from practice as a FanPost (which I'd likely promote to the front page so all can see).

Anyways, as I outlined about a week back, the quarterback battle will really be the main storyline of training camp.

And nothing more can really be said about this. The time for talk is over. Now, each players' actions will speak for them. Can they be productive on the field? That's the question that we hope will be answered during camp and during the preseason.

And with that, I pose to you all a very simple question: which QB do you think will win the starting job to open the season? Not which do you want to start; which do you think will start.

Vote and then leave comments below...