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Don't worry: McCown is fine

Well yesterday we were the 2nd site to report that Josh McCown was involved in some kind of "cutting wood" accident that involved some kind of "finger" injury.

Since then, we've found out all the details.  The good news is that Josh is not seriously hurt and that this will not be an issue for training camp.  Here's what Josh says of the incident:

"We were clearing some brush and wanted to cut up some stumps and stack them. I was holding down a little piece of a tree trunk and my little brother, Luke, had the chainsaw. He hit a knob and the chainsaw jumped."

"I clenched my fist to make sure the tendon was working. I walked out of the emergency room and got a football out of the trunk and fired a few passes to Luke, and knew I could've played that day. My daddy would say, 'Let's get it sewn up and go to work.'"

The article also states that McCown was initially worried about the amount of blood at the time it happened.  But the report claims he was relieved when "the finger was intact" and that there was no tendon damage.

The good news here is that McCown is a good decision maker: he's vowed to stay away from chainsaws until his playing days are over.  Perhaps that's a good idea.