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Training Camp Predictions: The FB battle

Continuing on with our training camp prediction threads, it's now time to look ahead to the fullback battle that will take place in training camp.

Reagan Mauia, the 6-foot tall, 270 pound holdover from last year, will look to hold off the newcomer, Boomer Grigsby. Grigsby, coming in at 5'11, 249, will attempt to unseat Mauia, a 2007 draft pick, despite having just one year of experience as a fullback.

So here's the thing. Both are pretty raw at the position, but both have potential. Mauia's combination of insane size (for a FB) and speed (for a man that size) makes him a bit of a freak. And we saw last year that he did get better as the year went on, perhaps leading you to think that he can certainly meet his potential as a blocker.

Meanwhile, Grigsby lacks the size of Mauia but is simply a crazy animal out on the field. I didn't really see too much of Boomer as a blocker last year simply because I didn't really pay attention to the Chiefs all that much (can you blame me). But here's what I know: Boomer is a special teams beast. He's the prototypical wedge-buster and is the kind of player our coverage teams really need.

Also keep in mind that neither is really a threat to carry the ball. Mauia touched the ball 6 times last year and gained 10 yards while fumbling once. Grigsby caught 2 passes over in KC. So neither is likely to see many opportunities to handle the rock.

Oh, and one other thing. Don't forget that Mauia was arrested for battery back in April.

So assuming the coaching staff only keeps one fullback, who will it be? That's the question I pose to you.

My prediction: Boomer Grigsby just has too much value as a special teams player to simply cut him after signing him to a 1-year deal back in March. As long as he shows that he is continuing to improve as a fullback, I think he'll be the guy and Mauia will be handed his walking papers.