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Did Josh McCown almost chop his finger off?

I just got a strange e-mail from somebody who prefers I not give his name or e-mail address.  In this e-mail, he tells me that on another Dolphins site, he read that somebody claims Josh McCown almost chopped off his finger with a chainsaw.

That's right.  Rumor has it that Josh McCown almost chopped off his finger with a chainsaw.  So I guess that means he has a bad cut.  If it's true, I'm sure the mainstream media will pick up the story shortly.

Also, the e-mailer didn't tell me what site the info is from.  So I will try to find the site from which this rumor is coming from so that I can credit them with the news.  And if I hear anything else on this, I'll post it.  And if any of you do, please do the same.

*UPDATE* The Dolphin site that this info was originally posted on is FinHeaven.  Here's a link to the original thread.

*UPDATE #2* It does seem that this incident did indeed happen.  A number of sites have picked up the story from the Associated Press, including the El Paso Times.  McCown had to get 6 stitches in his right hand (his throwing hand) a few weeks ago after his brother, Luke (a Tampa Bay backup QB) hit Josh's finger with some type of cutting device (ax, chainsaw, regular saw) while cutting firewood.  A big thanks goes out to JPenedo for posting these links in the "comments" below.

Oh, and the Palm Beach Post has also picked up the AP story now as well.