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Training Camp Predictions: The WR battle

Since we are now less than 2 weeks away from the beginning of training camp, I wanted to begin a series of questions that we could all discuss.

Basically, about every other day or so, I'll post a new "training camp prediction" thread where I will ask you all for your predictions on who will win certain training camp battles.

Today we discuss the wide receivers.

Now, it's safe to say that Ted Ginn, Ernest Wilford, and Derek Hagan (some might disagree about Hagan, but just assume this for the sake of discussion) are going to be 3 of the receivers that make this team.  That leaves David Kircus and Greg Camarillo as the only 2 non-rookies battling for a spot.  The 5 rookies are Davone Bess, Jayson Foster, Selwyn Lymon, John Dunlap, and Justin Wynn.

So lay your reputation on the line and tell us all who you think will end up making the team.  And feel free to even predict somebody not currently on the roster as one of the receivers that make the 53-man squad.

My prediction: I think the Dolphins will keep just 5 receiver on the 53-man roster.  And I think that those 2 final spots will go to Davone Bess and David Kircus, though I wouldn't be shocked to see Camarillo beat out Kircus.  But I just think that Kircus has more upside, as long as he can stay out of trouble.

Leave your predictions below...