This blurb from PFW regarding Dolphin's plans for using double TE formations with apparent regularity adds to the already bold question mark I had with the TE postion.


I'd guess the FO will be keenly watching the TE waiver wire doubly hard as teams get to 80 players on the way to training camp.  If the TE position a 'block first-catch second' mentality, as this article suggests, is considered core to the success of the base O-line, then that also adds some more pressure on the #1 and #2 receivers and RBs to represent any aerial attack.  

In my opinion, it is hard to see a balanced offensive attack with a 2 TE base...and also implies the FB position is nearly non-existent excpept for short yardage situations.

Whew...75 words...back to the main point of the post...we need 2 TE's.




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