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Could Favre end up in Miami?


I've said it before and I'll say it now in a more definitive way: Brett Favre makes no sense for the Dolphins. Can anyone give me one good reason why the Dolphins should go after Favre?

All he would do is prevent the Dolphins from attempting to solve their long-term QB issues. By the time this team is good enough to really make a run at things, Favre will be in his 40s - or even re-retired.

But despite this, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel believes that the Dolphins are a potential landing spot for Brett Favre:

There is speculation that Favre and his agent, James (Bus) Cook, already have a team picked out. A client of Cook's recently told a friend that Miami and Carolina were the teams that were Favre's most likely landing place, and probably the only way he would know that is if discussions had already taken place with those teams.

You have no idea how much I hope this is just total bullsh*t. It has to be, right? Could Bill Parcells really think that adding Favre to the Dolphins is a good idea? Sure, it might help the team win 2 more games in '08. But in the long run, how the hell does this help out this franchise as it attempts to rebuild? If anything, it would actually set this franchise back even more.

So I'll ask you all: should the Dolphins make a play for Favre if he is serious about returning to the NFL?