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July 1 is here...and still 3 rookies remain unsigned

Remeber the self-imposed deadline that GM Jeff Ireland proclaimed a couple of weeks ago?  He said that he wanted all his rookies signed by July 1. 

Well today is obviously July 1.  And no, there haven't been any signing.  And there likely will not be any signings this week or even next week.  Why?  Jeff Ireland is on vacation.  In fact, so is Tony Sparano and Bill Parcells.  So don't waste your time staring at the clock all day over the next few days waiting for Phillip Merling, Chad Henne, and Kendall Langford to get signed.  It's not going to happen.

However, that same article also points out that the agents for the 3 players all say "the contracts will be completed soon."  So don't expect any holdouts, either.  They'll all be there on July 26, which is now just 3 and a half weeks away!