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Henne plans on being into camp on time

We are all well aware that the Dolphins only have 3 rookies left to sign: Phillip Merling, Chad Henne, and Kendall Langford.  It was reported a week or so ago that Langford's agent is indeed working on getting a deal done with Miami.  And now Chad Henne has come out and said he doesn't plan on missing any of training camp.  Henne had this to say today from Canton, where Miami's rookies were visiting the Hall of Fame:

"I know my agent approached them probably about two or three weeks get it started. I'm sure they're going to get it done before training camp, because they want me in camp and I anticipate being in camp."

That's certainly good news.  We all know how Wayne Huizenga hates hold-outs after that Jason Allen fiasco a few years back.  And I'm sure Bill Parcells wouldn't look too kindly on a late 2nd round pick holding out of training camp.

So I'd expect not only Henne, but all 3 remaining unsigned rookies to be in camp.  Merling's deal will probably take the most time, but having the same agent as Bill Parcells will certainly help move along contract talks.