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Around The AFC East: New York Jets

For the final installment of this week's "Around the AFC East," it's time to talk Jets.

And for that, we turn to Brian Bassett of The Jets Blog:

Matty I: As we inch towards training camp, what position (other than the QB competition) concerns you the most at this point in time?

Brian B: Right Tackle.  The team signed former Lion and Patriot Damien Woody to 5 year - $25 million deal.  Woody lost his job at Guard last year but played well when they subbed him at Right Tackle after an injury.  For the Jets in 2007, Anthony Clement let up more than nine sacks, so you'd hope that anything would be better than that, but it seems to be something that people are just glossing over and assuming the line will be excellent.

My Take: That's exactly what I would have said as well.  I think the Jets' offensive line will be improved, but Woody as a starting right tackle would worry me, too.  However, I didn't realize Clement allowed that many sacks.  Woody should be an improvement over Clement, but how much of an improvement is the question.  And that 5 year, $25 million deal seems a little excessive to me. 

As always, head over to The Jets Blog to see my response to his question.