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Lehan gets good news, will only miss 4-6 weeks

The Palm Beach Post provides us with some good news, courtesy of Michael Lehan's agent:

Dolphins cornerback Michael Lehan will be out only four to six weeks, his agent told The Palm Beach Post. Based on the ugly way Lehan’s ankle was bent while he writhed on the turf, that’s incredibly good news for the secondary.

Domann was traveling and said he didn’t have specifics on the injury.

“To my knowledge, it doesn’t appear to be as severe as it must’ve looked,” Domann said.

This is very good news, as it seemed Lehan, who was injured earlier today, had suffered a catastrophic injury.

With a 4 to 6 week timetable, I'd imagine the injury is something like a high ankle sprain.  But I suppose we'll find out more in the coming days.

The bottom line, though, is that if Lehan is healthy in 4 to 6 weeks, he'd be ready for the beginning of training camp in late July.

[UPDATE] The injury to Lehan is actually a dislocated right ankle.  So if anyone has ever had the same injury, feel free to let us know how long it took to recover and other info about your experience.