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McCown looks sharp; Beck looks even better

With today's OTA now complete, the media reports are slowly trickling in.  And one of my favorite reports is from Omar Kelly.  Omar tells us that the offense is beginning to kick into gear as more and more of the offense gets installed.

And he tells us that both quarterbacks, Josh McCown and John Beck, looked sharp today.  He also says that if he was forced to choose, he would "begrudgingly" say Beck looked best.  Why "begrudgingly"?  In my view, it's probably because Omar has been against Beck for some time now.  He wanted the Dolphins to take Brady Quinn in 2007 and he was praying to god for Joe Flacco to fall to Miami back in April.  He was also a big Cleo Lemon supporter.  Omar has also come out and predicted that it will be McCown starting come opening day.  Therefore, for him to admit that John Beck looked the best today, John must have really looked impressive.

An excerpt of Omar's report is below:

Basically, the offense was humming, and to be honest I was very impressed.

Now, this doesn't mean the Dolphins are going to have an amazing offense come training camp, or the regular season. But it does indicate that there MIGHT be a quarterback in this batch, and the Dolphins MIGHT score more than 26 touchdowns in this upcoming season.

If you forced me to pick the quarterback who looked the best I'd begrudgingly say it was Beck because the how effective he looked thrown slants, and his accuracy when he was rolling out of the pocket.

Beck hit David Kircus, a star of Wednesday's practice, in full stride during one drill, beating Scorpio Babers for what would have been a touchdown.

As I said it was hard to determine which QB looked the best because McCown usually responded to something Beck did. A couple of plays after that nice pass to Kircus, McCown bulleted a intermediate pass along the sidelines to Ted Ginn Jr., who beat Will Allen on the skinny post.

He then hit Kircus with a touchdown catch in the redzone.

Beck followed it up by hitting Justin Wynn on a nice roll out for a decent gain, and he threw a rope to Selwyn Lymon, who caught it between Babers and Yeremiah Bell for another chunk of yardage.

I think it's interesting to note that Beck looked more impressive than McCown despite today apparently being McCown's turn to work with the first team.  All of Beck's impressive throws seem to have been passes completed to the likes of undrafted free agents or David Kircus (who is battling for the 4th or 5th WR spot).

Again, though, it's important to note that it's just one day.  Plenty of things can and will happen between now and September.  But it's a good sign that the offense seems to be coming together.

Omar closed his report by saying:

The one thing Wednesday's practice shows is that the vertical game Bill Parcells likes is alive, and coming.

Finally!!  No more dinking and dunking like Cam Cam had us doing!