Lehan hurt during OTA

[Editor's Note by Matty I] Just to add to this, below is a quote from the Herald:

All the noise left the Dolphins' ''organized team activity'' practice for several minutes Wednesday when cornerback Michael Lehan suffered what appeared to be a right knee or ankle injury bad enough that when he was helped off the field, Lehan held the leg at almost a 90-degree angle.

It sure doesn't sound good at all, but we'll wait for official word before we panic too much. [end update]

According to the Miami Herald , CB Michael Lehan was injured during today's OTA.  Though the exact injury is unknown at the time, the Herald believes it to be a right knee or right ankle injury.  The article says Lehan was clearly in a lot of pain and needed help to get off the field.

Well this is clearly not good.  CB depth is poor, in terms of talent and experience.  If Lehan is out for an extended period the team will have to sign someone.  This is an unfortunate loss.  Hopefully it isn't as serious as it sounds.

[UPDATE 12:41pm by Matty I] Armando Salguero has a little more on the injury to Lehan.  He says that "the area" was wrapped in ice.  It seems like less of a knee injury and more of an ankle or Achilles injury.  Sparano is scheduled to meet the media at 1:30 today, so we should know more by then. [end update]

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