Ricky predicts 9 wins, a double 1,000-yard backfield and 4 more years

What do you think about that?!

"Ricky Williams has offered bold predictions for 2008.

He proclaimed the Dolphins will win “at least nine games” and he and Ronnie Brown each plan to run for 1,000 yards this year.

That’s what he told our sister paper, the Austin American-Statesman, on Thursday at a gathering of Heisman Trophy winners in the Texas capital.

If Williams and Brown could accomplish the feat, they would become only the fourth backfield mates in NFL history to do so."

I don't recall every hearing Ricky be this positive about playing football.  I really would love to see this happen.  I think if Ricky and Ronnie actually DO rush for 1000 each, we would almost HAVE to win 9 games!  :)


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