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Around The AFC East: Buffalo Bills

Back now with the 2nd and final part of this week's installment of ATAFCE.  Brian Bassett from The Jets Blog is on vacation, so it's only a 2 parter this time around.

Closing things out for us today is Brian Galliford from Buffalo Rumblings:

Matty I: One of the major disappointments for Bills' fans last year had to be losing Paul Posluszny back in week 3 after he was off to a very good start.  What's his status right now and where will he fit in this year, especially considering the signing of LB Kawika Mitchell?

Brian G: You'd better believe it was a disappointment to lose Posluszny last year.  Outside of the injury situation surrounding Kevin Everett, Posluszny's was the most devastating to the team last season.  Poz had racked up 25 tackles through his first 10 quarters of play, and was on his way to a rookie season that may have only slightly fell short of the impact that Patrick Willis had in San Francisco.

His middle linebacker spot has been kept warm by John DiGiorgio, but with Posluszny 100% healthy and much more in tune with the playbook, he'll be back starting in the middle.  Veteran Angelo Crowell will flank him to the strong side, and the man you mentioned, Kawika Mitchell, was brought in to bring some size and activity to the weak side spot.  Surrounded by two veterans and with a better defensive tackle rotation in front of him, Posluszny should have an excellent season - if he can stay healthy.

My Take: "Pos" is going to be a star - plain and simple.  I hate to say it, but the man is a beast.  He's always around the ball and possesses good instincts.  He may not be the fastest, quickest, or strongest, but he's simply a football player.  I hate to say this because he is a Buffalo Bill, but Posluszny could very well end up having the kind of career that a guy named Zach Thomas had.  Damn, that's painful to say!

Anyways, head over to Buffalo Rumblings to see what I have to say about our Dolphins.