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Training Camp to Kickoff July 26

The Dolphins have made it official.  The 2008 Training Camp schedule has been released.  It will begin with a double session on Saturday, July 26.  The first practice is at 9 am and the second is at 5 pm.  The veteran players are due to report to Davie on Friday, July 25, the day before practice begins.

The full schedule can be viewed right here.  Some observations from the schedule are below:

  • First off day is Thursday, July 31
  • Only 5 double sessions are scheduled
  • July 26 to August 1 seems to be the toughest stretch for the players.  They got a double on the 26, then singles on the 27-29, a double on the 30, an off day, and then a double on August 1.

Can't wait to get this thing underway!!