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Kircus, Camarillo on edge of chopping block?

It seems as though the Dolphins might be in the market for another wide receiver or two before the season gets underway in September.  According to Pro Football Weekly, the Dolphins will not settle for entering the season with the receiving corps that they currently have:

Not only does this mean the Dolphins are going to add a pass catcher or two, but also that one or two of the current receivers is going to be shown the door. A club insider tells us that the two most likely candidates to get axed are David Kircus and Greg Camarillo.

Like you, I'd love to know who this "club insider" is.  After all, we all know that this regime doesn't want any information getting out.  And because of that, I always take anything I hear like this with a grain of salt.

However, it would be disappointing if the Dolphins let go of Greg Camarillo in particular.  He's a guy who, in limited action in '07, actually made some good plays.  He seems to have reliable hands and run good routes.  He, along with Davone Bess, are the two players I hope make the team to round out the wide receivers behind Ginn, Wilford, and Hagan.

One of the players that PFW mentions as a possible target is Terry Glenn.  Glenn is currently under contract with Dallas but refuses to sign the injury clause that the team is demanding he sign.  Some reports say Glenn has asked for his release.  Whether or not this is true, it certainly bears some watching.  Glenn and Bill Parcells are very close, going back to their New England Patriot days.  The thing that worries me here is that: a) Glenn is too much like an older version of Ted Ginn; and b) Glenn would likely get hurt by like week 3 knowing our luck. 

Thoughts on this?  Would you be in favor of bringing aboard Terry Glenn?  And are you against the idea of letting either Kircus or Camarillo go?

Oh, and a hit tip to Edgar for e-mailing me the PFW link.