PFW: Lehan-Hagan-Bess

So here are a few spots from PFW's latest Whispers section

Bears WR Devin Hester There appears to be a lot of misinformation regarding the severity of Dolphins CB Michael Lehan’s injured ankle. Not only is there a question of whether it’s a severe sprain or a dislocation, but the timetable for his return is also a bit of a mystery. Coach Tony Sparano has said Lehan should be ready to go full speed in a couple of weeks, but a team insider who saw the injury occur and has been monitoring Lehan’s progress said it would be fortuitous if he could even make it back for training camp. Nonetheless, Lehan remains in the mix for a starting job.

Bears WR Devin Hester WRs Derek Hagan and Davone Bess impressed Dolphins coaches during minicamp. Bess, an undrafted rookie out of pass-happy Hawaii, has the best set of hands on the team, according to one club source.


Makes me worry a little bit more about our CB situation, but as long as he comes back fine, we should be okay.

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