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Around The AFC East: New York Jets

Well it's time to finish up this week's edition of "Around the AFC East."

To help us do that is Brian Bassett of The Jets Blog:

Matty I: Everybody loves a good QB competition.  We have one playing out in Miami right now and you guys got one in NY.  Chad Pennington or Kellen Clemens?  Who currently has the edge right now, who do you think will win, and who do you want to win?

Brian B: Right now, it looks to be neck and neck.  With the OTAs finishing up last week, some reporters "had their horses" but it looks as if the competition will go well into training camp, my though is until at least Week 2 of the preseason.  Chad Pennington provides a stability and knowledge as a veteran, but his velocity and ability to throw the deep pass limit him, meanwhile Kellen Clemens has a better arm but is young and still makes questionable decisions and can have trouble with his progressions.  I like them both, but based on where the team is, what they are trying to build and some changes in the offense this year, I'd lean towards Clemens, with the understanding that he has his shortcomings as well, just different than his competition.

My Take: I'd agree with Brian here that Clemens is the guy the Jets should want to win the job.  But he has to earn it.  He's got the better physical tools, but like Brian says, makes some bad decisions at times.  My feeling here, though, is that Kellen is entering his 3rd year as a former 2nd round pick.  There comes a time where the team has to let him play so that they can decide if he can indeed be "the guy."

Thanks to Brian for helping us out.  Check out The Jets Blog for my response to his question.

And that concludes this week's edition of "Around the AFC East."  We'll be back at it again next Friday, of course.