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Around The AFC East: Buffalo Bills

It's Friday and so that means it's time for another installment of "Around The AFC East."

We'll kick things off today with Brian Galliford of Buffalo Rumblings:

Matty I: With the possibility that Marshawn Lynch might miss some time, could you tell us Dolphin fans a little bit about his potential replacements (Fred Jackson, Dwayne Wright, Xavier Omon)?

Brian G: Sure can, but first thing's first: keep in mind that it remains a possibility - and a possibility only - that Lynch might miss time.  Nothing is set in stone yet.  It's hard to deny that it's possible, but there is a precedent for these types of legal issues to avoid suspension under Roger Goodell's reign.

Jackson is a former undrafted free agent out of Coe College (Division III, Marv Levy's alma mater) that kicked around on the team's practice squad, led NFL Europa in rushing, and emerged as a viable threat last season.  He was used heavily in conjunction with Lynch at the end of the '07 season, and even if Lynch does avoid suspension, expect to see a lot of Jackson - especially as a receiver out of the backfield.  He's a smooth athlete, and while he lacks breakaway speed, he can eat up chunks of yardage.

Wright and Omon are very similar in that they're both slower, bigger and more physical than Lynch and Jackson.  Wright struggled last season as a rookie, and his straight-line speed about matches Keith Traylor's, but he can be a nice short-yardage complement to Jackson should Lynch miss time.  Omon is a bit of a mystery - as a Division II rookie, he's not exactly a lock for the roster.  If he makes it, he's got the cutting ability and power to be a nice short-yardage option as well.

My Take: It seems that Bills' fans have a very high opinion of Fred Jackson.  Personally, I've only really watched him closely in one game.  And that game, the one when he lit up the Dolphins for 115 yards, is a tough one to judge him on because everybody was lighting up the Dolphins for big yards on the ground last year.  So I'll admit that I'm curious to see what kind of player Jackson might be, considering he only has 58 carries under his belt in this league.  He'll be a player to keep an eye on as the season gets going.

A big thanks to Brian for helping us out.  And be sure to check out my response to his question over at Buffalo Rumblings, which might not be posted until later in the day due to Brian having to cover the legal mess that's unfolding in Buffalo right now.

Back with part 2 in a bit...