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QB competition heating up as OTAs wrap up

There was supposed to be one final OTA practice set for tomorrow.  But Tony Sparano decided that he was pleased with the body of work this offseason and has canceled it, meaning vacation starts one day earlier for this team.  They won't be back into official practices until training camp begins, likely in the area of July 20-25.

But OTAs seem to have ended on a high note, especially in regards to the QB competition.  All three QBs each got 2 go-arounds in team drills.  It was John Beck, though, starting out with the first-team.  Edgar Thompson reports that John looked impressive:

During his first go, Beck was on target on several throws, but WR David Kircus dropped a receiver screen and TE Justin Peele a long touchdown down the sideline. Peele beat Allen, who bit on nice pump fake from Beck.

Beck hit Brown on a curl pattern in the middle of the field ahead of Porter. Beck also found RB Ricky Williams in the flat for a touchdown inside the 10.

And while Thompson reports that Beck didn't look as impressive in his 2nd drive, he does add this:

But Beck made the most of his one completion, a perfect toss on an intermediate sideline rout to Kircus, who beat Goodman in the back of the end zone.

So that's 2 possessions and 2 touchdowns for the John Beck-led offense.

Josh McCown wouldn't be totally out-done, though.  He struggled in his first opportunity, but led a solid touchdown drive in his second run through:

McCown bounced back during his second go and went 4-of-4, including a long pass to Martin, who was wide open behind the defense, and a TD to WR Greg Camarillo in the back of the end zone.

Rookie Chad Henne also led one touchdown drive, but that was against the 3rd team defense.  However, it's still important to note because he's a young QB looking to gain confidence at this next level.

So now we wait until camp gets underway.  That's the next chance we'll get to hear about this competition.  I still believe it'll be Beck winning the job.  But one thing is certain: whoever wins it will have certainly earned it.

Palm Beach Post:
-First team offense started out in 3 WR set (Ginn, Wilford, Hagan) and a TE (Martin)
-First team OL - Long, Smiley, Satele, Darilek, Carey
-Ronnie Brown working with 1st team in team drills

Miami Herald:
-Brown looked good in team drills
-Ricky continues to impress
-Sparano said he's impressed with Bess, Babers, and Toribio during OTAs