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Jason Taylor Press Conference: 11:30 am Sunday

Well Sunday will be the day Jason Taylor finally goes public with his trade request.

Just as "lancelolink" writes in this fanpost, Taylor will hold a press conference at 11:30 am on Sunday.  And according to reports in the Miami Herald and the Sun-Sentinel, Taylor will publicly announce that he has indeed requested a trade to a contender. 

This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone.  And it's great that Taylor will finally act mature about this and say exactly how he feels rather than hiding behind his agent and privately requesting a trade.

But what if a trade doesn't happen because the Dolphins can't find a suitable partner offering what they perceive as fair value?  According to the Herald, Taylor has a movie offer on the table:

If he is forced to retire, Taylor has options. One is a movie offer that begins shooting in October. Taylor will pass on the offer if he's playing for another team. If not, he will seriously consider accepting the offer.

And the $4.5 million payday that comes with it.

It should be an interesting press conference later today.  Unfortunately, I likely won't be around much.  So feel free to share your thoughts on what transpires below in the comments.

I'll be back on Sunday night/Monday morning with some thoughts and reactions as this soap opera continues in South Florida.

[UPDATE 1:45 pm] As many of you probably know by now, Taylor said in this press conference that he is playing for one more season and that, if the Dolphins can't get a deal done to trade him to a contender, Jason will be back in Miami in '08.  Sorry, but I'm posting from my cell phone so I can't provide any links.  I'll have more on this later tonight.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, everyone.