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Video Time

After a nice short work week this past week, it's once again Saturday.  And that means it's once again time for a video. 

Today I got one I think you'll all really like.  It's the Monday Night Football intro back from 1992.  This particular one is from week one of that '92 season in which the Dolphins opened up the season in Cleveland against the Browns.  This intro features Dan Marino and Bernie Kosar.  Two things to watch for in this video, and both are in regards to Kosar.  First off, I never realized how much Bernie looks like actor Michael Rapaport.  But more importantly, is Kosar doing his interview for the intro naked?  If not, he's clearly shirtless for some ungodly reason. 

Anyways, enjoy:

For the record, the Dolphins would indeed go on to win that game by the score of 27-23.  Marino was 25 of 35 for 322 yards and one touchdown.  And if you're all lucky, I'll get a video of that one touchdown pass up for next week's "video time."

Have a good weekend, all!