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Around The AFC East: New York Jets

It's time to conclude this week's edition of "Around the AFC East." 

We end today by talking NY Jets football with Brian Bassett of The Jets Blog:

Matty I: There's an old saying that says if you have many possible players at one position, you probably don't have any real players at that position.  That's what came to my mind when the Jets added Jesse Chatman and Musa Smith in free agency this year to go along with Thomas Jones and Leon Washington.  What are your thoughts on the Jets' current RB situation?  How much of a disappointment was Jones' 3.6 ypc average last year and do you think he can bounce back?

Brian Bassett: The Giants made it to the SuperBowl and went through Running Backs like water, so like linebacker, I'm of the mindset that it's one of those positions that can always use more depth.  Even though the team has signed Chatman and Smith, I don't see the carries playing out that much differently in 2008 than they did in 2007. 

Thomas Jones 2007 season was definitely a disappointment, but I think it was more a function of the line he ran behind and the fact that the team could only run to the right side of the formation, basically because D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Adrien Clarke were so bad on the left.  Leon Washington is still the team's change of pace / third down back and I see Chatman as a guy who would backup Thomas Jones' "between the tackles" role should Jones need a rest, or get injured during the season.

As far as Musa Smith, I don't expect him to even make the final roster, but I think the team added him more as a FB/RB type to try out in camp someone who will likely compete against Michigan State UDFA Jehuu Caulcrick (21 TDs as a senior) in camp for the backup FB spot.

My Take: Alright, I confess.  My "homerism" came out here.  I really just wanted to pose this question to Brian because of my dislike for the Jets, and Thomas Jones in particular.  And it's not anything that Jones did.  It's more of how the media (especially ESPN) "verbally made love" to both Jones and the Jets when they made this deal.  But after we saw just how insignificant the Jones move was for the Jets, nobody in the national media seemed to say a word.

I will say this, though.  I'm sure Jones will have a better year than last year because of the improvements made to the offensive line.  But he is, by no means, a player who defenses have to gameplan around.  To be honest, I'm more worried when Leon Washington is on the field rather than Jones.  But hey, now that I've publicly said this, I'm sure Jones will have some kind of ridiculous game in week one and lead the Jets to a win.  That's my luck.  And to all you fellow Dolphin fans, I'm sorry.

Remember to head over to The Jets Blog to see my response to his question.