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Video Time: Phillip Merling and Jalen Parmele

It's Saturday, which means it's time for some videos.  Since rookie mini-camp is going on this weekend, might as well make video time feature two of the newest Miami Dolphins.

First up is Miami's selection at #32, Phillip Merling.  Notice how he is always attempting to rip the ball out of the ball carriers' hands:

Was it just my imagination, or did Merling look like an absolute monster out there?  And for a man his size, he can certainly move. 

Next up is one of Miami's 6th round picks, RB Jalen Parmele.  Parmele is likely going to have every opportunity to win the 3rd RB job.  His video is below:

Parmele looks like he could be a real steal and could be a guy who could potentially help keep Ronnie's workload lower early on in the season.  But, of course, we'll have to see how he does against some better competition.

Thoughts below...