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Quick Ronnie Brown injury update

Over at the Hashmarks blog, they talk a little bit about the injuries of each team as we inch closer to training camp.  Here's what they say about our very own Ronnie Brown:

Rehab status: Brown underwent surgery to repair a torn anterior-cruciate ligament on Nov. 1. He is carrying the ball and changing direction effectively during the Dolphins' ongoing practices. The team is taking precautions to protect Brown from unnecessary contact.

Next step: The Dolphins expect Brown to be ready for training camp. They are encouraged by his progress so far, but it's still early. Only seven months have passed since Brown underwent surgery.

This basically gels with everything else we've been hearing.  I guess it's good news that Ronnie hasn't suffered any setbacks yet now that he is cutting and changing direction in non-contact drills.  But like Mike Sando writes in the blog, it's still early.  The real test will be how he holds up in contact drills and, more importantly, in the preseason.

But this has me wondering: how do you think the Dolphins will handle Brown in the preseason?  Do you think he'll see action in the first preseason game?  Or will they hold him out until the 2nd or 3rd and see how he does there?

Personally, if he feels up to it and the medical staff clears him, I say send him right into the fire and let him carry the ball 4 or 5 times in the very first game so he can get his feet wet and begin getting over the mental aspect of coming back from a serious knee injury. 

Any thoughts on this?