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Obligatory Jason Taylor Update #2

This is getting very old and tiresome.  However, it's also getting more interesting. 

Earlier today after playing in the charity golf event in Iowa, Jason Taylor had some interesting words for the Associated Press.  He said:

"I'm under contract with the Dolphins. So again, I'm looking forward to playing some golf."

"Football doesn't start until July and training camp, so I'll be all right. I've been in L.A. and so far removed from it. Like I said, 'I'll deal with that when I get there."

This report in the Sun-Sentinel also says that a meeting was supposedly planned between Taylor and the Dolphins sometime after this tournament.  But the Dolphins apparently canceled this meeting.

Rotoworld reports that Taylor is scheduled to meet with the media in Miami on Sunday, likely in regards to his charity golf event down in South Florida, of which the Dolphins are partners in.

The only thing I got to say is that Taylor's choice of words are kind of questionable.  He says he's under contract with the Fins, so he's looking forward to playing golf.  What exactly does that mean?

Let's try not to read too much into this.  This situation is getting quite ridiculous now.  And both sides, the Dolphins and Taylor, are to blame.  All I hope for now is that there's some kind of quick resolution, but that doesn't seem likely right now.