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Obligatory Jason Taylor Update

No, there's nothing new here to talk about.  But there are some more confirmations on teams that are not interested in trading for Jason Taylor.

First, John Clayton writes in his blog that the Chargers are indeed not interested, seconding what we originally heard late last week:

If you had any questions about the Chargers' interest in Jason Taylor, scratch them from your thoughts immediately. The Chargers aren't interested in trading for Taylor, according to a source. With Shawne Merriman and Shaun Phillips as the team's main outside linebackers, the Chargers aren't looking for a starting outside linebacker. Plus, they are already down a second-round choice in 2009 from a draft-day trade. The Dolphins still haven't had an offer better than a fourth-rounder for the former NFL defensive MVP.

Meanwhile, the Ravens were another team being floated out there in connection with Taylor.  You'll remember that last week, a Baltimore radio station reported the Dolphins and Ravens were involved in talks.  That was shot down, though, when we learned that GM Ozzie Newsome wasn't even in town for the weekend.  Now, the Sun-Sentinel shoots the Ravens idea down as well:

Asked if the Ravens and Miami Dolphins have had any discussions regarding the six-time Pro Bowl defensive end and recent "Dancing With The Stars" runner-up, [head coach John] Harbaugh said flatly, "Not that I'm aware of.''

It's beginning to look more and more like the Dolphins will either have to lessen their trade demands or tell Taylor he likely isn't going to be traded.  Clearly, there isn't a big market out there for Taylor at Miami's current asking price.  So the question will eventually become if Taylor will retire or if he will return to the Dolphins.  And of he does decide to play in '08 for Miami, when will he actually return?  Will he miss part of training camp?  All of camp?  Part of the regular season? 

This story isn't going away fro a while, so buckle yourself in and enjoy this drawn-out ride.

Oh, and don't forget:  Taylor is indeed our "dancing queen."