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One roster spot cleared: Robertson retires

Remember a couple of days ago when we all pondered who would be cut to make room for the 4 remaining unsigned draft picks?  Well the Dolphins have cleared one of the needed roster spots, at least according to the Palm Beach Post.  They are reporting that undrafted free agent Kory Robertson will be placed on injured reserve, ending his rookie season before it even starts. 

The injury is unknown at this point, but Robertson was thought to be in a position to earn a spot on the 53 man roster because of his size (6'4, 345).  Now, though, this might actually benefit Paul Soliai, as he has one less body to compete with as a backup nose tackle.  This move might also mean that one of the unsigned rookies could be signed in the near future.

We shall find out soon enough.

[UPDATE] The Palm Beach Post has updated this story.  Apparently, Robertson isn't being placed on the IR.  Instead, he's decided football isn't what he wants to do and he has announced his retirement despite only being a month into his NFL career.  I guess Bill Parcells' off-season workout program is pretty damn tough afterall.  (Yes, I'm just being facetious there).

We don't know the real reason yet and the team hasn't officially announced this developing story.  So we must wait to find out the "why" of this news.  The bottom line, though, is that the Dolphins are now down to 83 players on their roster.